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School of Music
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The State University of New York at Fredonia
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Ph: (716) 673-3151

Submit a recorded video audition:

Recorded video auditions submissions begin in October. You may begin preparing your video for submission at this time and submit it online in October.

video audition offline

Whenever possible it is preferred and highly encouraged that all applicants audition for our faculty in-person on campus. If you cannot reach Fredonia for an in-person audition, you may submit a video recording for audition.

It is important that applicants make sure recordings are of the best possible quality in both sound and picture, with appropriate lighting and following the requirements listed for your instrument and major of interest. Any recording submitted that is of poor quality may result in an unfavorable review by our faculty. We are excited to meet you — please take a moment to introduce yourself in one of your recordings as well!

Video auditions may in the form of a YouTube link (or similar video hosting site) or DVD. Do not submit a video recording that has been created from several takes, or one that uses more than one camera, or one in which the audio portion has been processed. We cannot accept audio-only recordings (CDs, MP3, etc.).

Submit the online recorded video submission request and fee through the request form above and submit the recordings to:

School of Music Auditions
The State University of New York at Fredonia
1151 Mason Hall
Fredonia, NY 14063

Please note:
There are two parts to the Admissions Process for Music Majors: All individuals must successfully complete the Audition Process AND be accepted by the University's Admissions Office.


Questions? Contact the School of Music office at or (716) 673-3151.

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