Bachelor of Science in Adolescence Education (Biology)

Adolescence Education in Biology

The Adolescence Education in Biology degree prepares students to teach Biology to middle and high school students, and leads to New York State certification grades 7-12. In addition to biology coursework, other required program Adolescense Educationcourses in chemistry, physics and math, may lead to options for a minor in another STEM area - useful for dual certification and job prospects. Our program is nationally recognized by the National Science Teaching Association, with an emphasis on giving our students practical classroom experiences starting as freshmen. Our students build their teaching knowledge, skills, and confidence throughout the program, and become a student teacher in middle and high school placements in the final semester. Since Biology Adolescent education graduates have completed the same science requirements as a Biology major, they can teach in classrooms and informal science environments (like museums), and also pursue other jobs in biology, and acceptance into graduate or professional schools. Having a biology education degree can lead to many careers!

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Degree Requirements:

Anatomy & Physiology labCore Program:

BIOL 100 Studying for Success (Highly Recommended)
BIOL 131-132 Introductory Ecology & Evolution Lecture & Lab
BIOL 133-134 Introductory Cell & Molecular Biology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 237-238 Genetics Lecture & Lab
BIOL 243-244 Organismal Biology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 330-331 Ecology Lecture & Lab
BIOL 333-334 Biochemistry Lecture & Lab
BIOL 421 Biological Conservation
BIOL 431 Senior Seminar

Plus 9 additional hours of biology electives at the 300 to 400 levelStudent in lab

Supporting Courses:

CHEM 115 + 125 General Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
CHEM 116 + 126 General Chemistry II Lecture & Lab
CHEM 215 + 225 Organic Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
CHEM 216 + 226 Organic Chemistry II Lecture & Lab


121 + 123
+ 124

College Physics I Lecture & Lab
College Physics II Lecture & Lab



230 + 232
+ 233

University Physics I Lecture & Lab
University Physics II Lecture & Lab

STAT 250 Statistics for Scientists

Plus 39 hours of education coursework

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