Rockefeller Arts Center Addition & Renovation Project
Building Features

RAC Addition and Renovation Projects
Steve Rees 
RAC Project Shepherd
110 Administrative Office Complex
The State University of New York Fredonia
Fredonia, NY 14063
Ph: (716) 673-3208
Ph: (716) 366-0505

Naming Opportunities:
To assist with sustainable scholarship, program, equipment and personnel needs of RAC, the Fredonia College Foundation has developed naming opportunities that would formally name spaces and help to establish endowment funds. A wide selection of naming opportunities is available to donors for their consideration. All gifts are charitable contributions that will help to further the mission of Fredonia, the College of Visual and Performing Arts and the Rockefeller Arts Center. 

For more information regarding naming opportunities, visit: or contact June Miller-Spann, Liaison Fredonia College of Visual and Performing Arts. Contact June by email at or phone at 716-673-3321.

Click on a Floor Plan, below, to see detailed Room Plans and Descriptions at that level.

The new structure will accommodate new academic spaces for the Department of Visual Arts and New Media and the Department of Theatre and Dance.  Teaching, Production, and Public spaces will occupy the first and second floors of the three-story building with the third floor dedicated to mechanical rooms and operations. A basement level under a portion of the structure will provide storage space, elevator access to the basement level of the existing building and additional mechanical rooms.

In the new addition, rooms of particular interest include:

RAC floor 1First Floor

  • T&D Scene Paint Shop
  • VANM Ceramics Studio with Indoor and Outdoor Kilns
  • VANM Sculpture Studio
  • VANM Welding and Foundry Room
  • RAC Multipurpose and Screening Room
  • RAC Lobby & FSA Cafe
  • The First Floor Promenade

RAC floor 2Second Floor

  • T&D Acting Studios (2)
  • T&D Dance Studios (3, one of which can adapt to public performance)
  • Dance Faculty Offices and Dressing Rooms
  • The Second Floor Promenade

Portions of the existing building will be renovated to house the following:

  • Remodeled Green Room
  • New RAC Administration Offices
  • A Remodeled Von Tornow Lobby for Marvel Theatre Access
  • New T&D Production Faculty Offices
  • New T&D Computer Lab, Lighting & Sound Lab, Design & Drafting Studio and Print Area
  • VANM Drawing Studio, Shooting Studio, Computer Labs, Print Making Studio and Faculty Offices
  • T&D Makeup Classroom
  • RAC Production Dressing Rooms

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