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What's a Renga?


As many of your Fredonia colleagues discovered last year, rengas are convivial, interdisciplinary groups of faculty, professionals, administrators, and, in some cases, students, who meet monthly to discuss topics of mutual interest over light refreshments. Like their namesake (a style of witty Japanese-linked poetry created in group settings), our Fredonia rengas value community, collaboration, spontaneity, improvisation, and wit.

Yellow image with the word Renga in redRengas are a great way to connect with colleagues while exploring a question or topic that has the potential to improve our campus, benefit our community, and advance all of our professional skills and accomplishments. Of course, they are also a great way to have fun and get to know people!

Join a Renga:

The Caregiver Renga

Facilitated by Sue Murphy and Dawn Eckenrode

Caregiving, whether it be for a child, parent, partner, or someone else of importance in your life, takes on many forms. This learning community will be a place for discussion, resource sharing, and for exploring ways to care for yourself while caring for others. As the topic of caregiving is wide-ranging, the group will be reflective of the members’ unique interests and needs. Participants will be encouraged to shape the direction and focus of the group, with the possibility of meeting around subtopics such as elder care resources, “sandwich generation” issues, caring for someone with an illness or disability, or any other subject matter proposed by the members of the community.

Cross-Cultural Exchange

Facilitated by and

Launched in Fall 2010, this forum explores cross-cultural exchanges with our campus members from diverse backgrounds. We strive to promote dialogue around the unique requirements (i.e., needs, interests, and perspectives) posed by students, faculty, and staff of diverse cultural, religious, and sexual orientations. Ideas from the first year include establishing community outreach efforts, mentorships, and fostering cross-cultural contact. Most importantly, we want to expand the existing resources to retain students and faculty from diverse backgrounds, who often face unique challenges as a part of our national community.

Digital Humanities Renga

Facilitated by

This Renga will provide interested faculty and staff with the opportunity to explore aspects of the Digital Humanities and the larger implications for the humanities as a whole. The group is currently focusing on adding to digital resources for humanities teaching on campus and making them publicly available, with an emphasis on materials of local significance. A current project underway is the digitization of the diary of Anna Clift Smith, A Van Buren Life. View the current project here: 

Flip it, blend it, tech-support it!

Facilitated by and

There are three descriptions that most courses fit into: Web Enhanced, Blended (Hybrid), and 100% online. 

Many of our campus courses are web enhanced, meaning we meet face-to-face during scheduled times, but provide digital content and interaction to our students outside of class. Blended courses replace some of the face-to-face meeting times with systematic digital interaction. And 100% online courses meet only in a digital space.

In these various types of courses, we all use technology differently, but what do we do when we are ready to try something new?

This Renga will explore tools to support digital content, what it means to “flip” a classroom, and how a course might be moved from web enhanced to blended or flipped delivery. Join us if you are ready to start transforming a course, want to find out what it might take, or would like to share what you are doing.

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