Police Blotter


Date of Incident


Action Taken

Criminal Tampering 09/23/18 Fredonia sign tampered with in Lot 21 On-going investigation
Drugs 09/23/18 Three suspects found in possesion of marijuana at the Townhouses. Three arrests completed
Drugs 09/22/18 Two suspects found in possession of marijuana in Lot 9D Two arrests completed
Larceny 09/21/18 Bicycle stolen from outside the Science Center On-going investigation
Criminal Mischief 09/20/18 Graffiti found in the Science Center. On-going investigation
Larceny 09/20/18 Bicycle stolen outside McGinnies Hall On-going investigation
Unlawful Posting 09/19/18 Subjects placing advertisements on vehicles. Warning issued
Larceny 09/19/18 Bicycle stolen from the McEwen bike rack. On-going investigation
Larceny 09/18/18 Bicycle stolen from the Science Center. Arrest completed
Larceny 09/18/18 Pedestrian crossing sign stolen from Varsity Dr. On-going investigation
ABC Violation 09/16/18 Two underage suspects found in possession of alcohol in Lot 9A. Two arrests completed
Larceny 09/15/18 Ice skates taken from Steele Hall during open skate. Property recovered
Harassment 09/14/18 Unwanted subject reported to be in Schulz Hall.  The subject left campus prior to arrival. Investigation closed
Drugs 09/13/18 Suspect found in possession of marijuana in Eisenhower Hall. Arrest completed
Domestic Incident 09/13/18 Two subjects involved in an altercation outside the Science Center. Prosecution declined
Drugs 09/13/18 Suspect found in possession of marijuana in Schulz Hall. Arrest completed
Leaving the Scene 09/13/18 Escort bus struck a raised manhole cover in Lot 19. Accident report
Drugs 09/12/18 Subjects found in possession of marijuana in Lot 10. Arrest completed
Larceny 09/10/18 Unauthorized use of a credit card in the University Commons Bookstore. On-going investigation
Criminal Mischief 09/09/18 Graffiti found in Hendrix Hall On-going investigation
Alcohol Beverage Control Violation 09/08/18 4 underage suspects found in Lot 9A in possesion of alcohol. 4 arrests completed
AUO 3rd 09/07/18 Suspect found to be operating a vehicle with suspended plates, and a suspended license. Arrest completed
Harassment 09/07/18 Subject in UC receiving unwanted phone calls. On going investigation
Drugs 09/07/18 Suspect found in possesion of marijuana in Chautauqua Hall. Arrest completed
Criminal Tampering/UPM 09/06/18 Smoke detector tampered with in University Villages.  Occupants found in possession of Marijuana. 5 arrests completed
Larceny 09/05/18 Items stolen from University Commons. On-going investigation
Criminal Mischief 09/05/18 Toilet paper dispenser damaged in the Williams Center. On-going investigation
Harassment 09/03/18 Subject harassed by ex-boyfriend. Domestic Incident Report filed, Prosecution declined.
Harassment 09/01/18 Student felt threatened in the Kirkland Quad. On-going investigation
Drugs 08/31/18 Vehicle stop on Varsity Dr.  Driver found with marijuana and alcohol. Arrest completed
Larceny 08/31/18 Bicycle stolen from the Grissom Hall bike rack. Bike recovered, victim declined prosecution.
Criminal Mischief 08/30/18 Vehicle damaged in Lot 9A On-going investigation
Harassment 08/30/18 Student harassed by another in Hendrix Hall. On-going investigation
Drugs 08/29/18 Suspicious vehicle in Lot 7.  Occupants found in possession of marijuana. 2 Arrests completed
Drugs Found/Turned in 08/29/18 Marijuana found in Alumni Hall.  No suspects present. On-going investigation
Criminal Tampering/Drugs 08/28/18 Suspect tampered with a smoke detector.  Also found in possession of marijuana. Arrest completed
Criminal Trespass 08/26/18 Suspect entered the victims room without permission in McGinnies Hall. Arrest completed
Drugs 08/26/18 Marijuana found on a traffic stop in Lot 19A Arrest completed
Criminal Mischief 08/26/18 Broken window found in Schulz Hall On-going investigation
Drugs 08/23/18 Suspects in Chautauqua Hall found in possession of marijuana. Two arrests completed
Forcible Touching 08/02/18 Suspect engaged in unwanted physical contact with a victim. Arrest completed
Unlawfully Dealing with a Child 08/02/18 Two suspects provided alcohol to underage persons in Hemingway Hall. Two arrests completed
Leaving the Scene 07/27/18 Vehicle struck in Lot 10.  Operator left the scene. On-going investigation
AUO 2nd 07/04/18 Trafic stop in Lot 8a.  Driver found to have suspended license. Arrest completed




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