Frerichs Drawing Class 
Faculty member Tim Frerichs with Foundations in Drawing class.

The Foundation Program is a series of courses that establish a visual groundwork necessary for advancing into upper-level work. The curriculum content focuses on the concepts, media, and techniques that are the core language and grammar used to establish visual literacy. Students will continue to draw on this visual core for their upper-level courses and into their professional careers. The Foundation program requires Visual Concepts: a freshman introductory course, four selected foundation studio, and two art history survey courses to be completed within the first three semesters.

Critical thinking, imaginative problem solving, technical skill development, and self-reflective evaluation are stressed in the course structure and pedagogy. These are viewed as key components in the development of the theoretical and technical aspects of art making. Visual and verbal analytical and organizational skills learned in the studio apply to thoughtful practice in many arenas of our complex world.

After completion of the Foundations Program and the twenty-four credit hour review, students proceed through exploratory courses chosen from the studio concentration areas. In the third and fourth years of study students are able to concentrate in an area of their choice. Faculty not only are teachers within their expertise area but are also academic advisors, helping students select and pursue the courses and course study best suited to the student.

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