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Psychology Department


On April 12, 2015, the Psychology Department held its Psi Chi initiation ceremony and reception. In addition to the Psi Chi initiates, several department awards were given, including the Donald Lehr Teaching Excellence Award, the Psychology Merit Award, and the Virginia Sexton Medallion. The awardees for the academic year 2014-2015 were as follows:

Psychology Merit Award: Sarah Anderson (Fall 2014), Jill Burgess (Spring 2015)

Psychology Merit Award Honorable Mention:  Stacey Caron (Spring 2015)

Donald Lehr Teaching Excellence Award:  Jill Burgess (Fall 2014), Sarah Anderson (Spring 2015), Jessica Pelz (Spring 2015), Stacey Caron (Spring 2015)

Donald Lehr Teaching Excellence Award Honorable Mention:  

Virginia Sexton Medallion:  Gabriella Pietropaolo (Spring 2015)


On April 21, 2015, four of our Psychology Majors were chosen to present two different research projects at the 1st Annual SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference held at College at Brockport. The names of the presenters and the names of their faculty mentors are:

  • Felicia Schiefer, Gabriella Pietropaolo and Curtis Wojcik (Mentor: Dr. Jack Croxton, Department of Psychology)
  • Nichole Whiteford (Mentor: Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen, Department of Psychology)

For more information on the SUNY-wide conference, and a list of all of the presenters and mentors that attended from the Fredonia campus, please click here


On April 30, 2015, many of our students were authors on research projects presented at  Fredonia. Included below is a selection of these research projects:

Rape myth acceptance, psychopathy and acceptance of interpersonal violence:  Courtney Smith and Delaney Dretto (Dr. Darrin Rogers, Advisor)

The Developmental and Behavioral Effects of Neonatal Exposure to Lithium:  Kathleen Urtz, Jessica Miller, Aman Kumar, Kelli Michel & Jessica Young (Dr. Catherine Creeley, Advisor)

Temperament and Cognition Through Adulthood:  Hailey Griewisch and Amanda Cocchiara (Dr. Joseph McFall, Advisor)

Dating and Friendship in Lesbian Relationships:  Jessica Miller and Kate Urtz (Dr. Jennifer Dyck, Advisor)

Cross-Cultural Differences in Attitudes Toward Altruism, Forgiveness and Gratitude:  Gabriella Pietropaolo, Felicia Schiefer, and Curtis Wojcik (Dr. Jack Croxton, Advisor)

Butch and Femme Gender Roles:  Amanda Pruden (Dr. Lisa Denton, Advisor)

Parent Modifications to a Dialogic Reading Program Based on Child and Other Characteristics:  Kelsey Travers (Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen, Advisor)                                                                                 


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