Psychology Department


On April 14, 2013, the Psychology Department held its Psi Chi initiation ceremony and reception. In addition to the Psi Chi initiates, Department Awards were given, including the Donald Lehr Teaching Excellence Award, the Psychology Merit Award, and the Virginia Sexton Medallion. The awardees were as follows:

Psychology Merit Award: Amy Fisk, Justine Gabreski, Lynsay Paiko, Leah Palmer

Psychology Merit Award Honorable Mention:  Kayla Vossler

Donald Lehr Teaching Excellence Award:  Amy Fisk, Joseph DeMaria, Lynsay Paiko

Donald Lehr Teaching Excellence Honorable Mention Award:  Marcus Stendahl, Kayla Vossler

Virginia Sexton Medallion:  Joseph DeMaria

In May, 2013, Marcus Stendahl was honored with the Daniel C. Krawczyk Award, for excellence in research.  Amy Fisk was awarded the Honorable Mention for the Daniel C. Krawczyk Award

Also in Spring, 2013, many of our students were authors on research projects presented at regional undergraduate research conferences in Meadville, PA, and Fredonia. Included below is a selection of these research projects:

The Impact of Touching a Dog on Heart Rate in Children during the Execution of a Working Memory Task:  Amy Fisk, Marcus Stendahl, and Victoria Coglitore (Dr. Nancy Gee, Advisor)

Examining Associations between Digital Calendar Use and Prospective Memory:  Keith Stam (Dr. Jennifer Dyck, Advisor)

The Stigma Associated with Chronic Illness:  Carolyn Mahany, Allysa Dupont, and Olivia Merisola (Dr. Jack Croxton, Advisor)

Children's Enjoyment and Experience in a Dialogic Reading Program:  Alicia Welch (Dr. Andrea Zevenbergen, Advisor)

Examining Associations between Online Video Tutoring and Academic Performance:  Caroline Griffith (Dr. Dani McMay, Advisor)

The Relationship between Family Roles and Prospective Career Orientation:  Lynsay Paiko, Eric Ellison, and Carmina Georgescu (Dr. Suthakaran, Advisor)

Post-Tsunami Attitudes toward Education Reform:  Kayla Vossler and Kimberly Molfetto (Dr. Cheryl Drout, Advisor)

Experiences of Self-Agency:  Keith Stam, Chris Maier, and Dale Haskins (Dr. Justin Couchman, Advisor)





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