Gifts of Stock

The Fredonia College Foundation welcomes gifts of appreciated securities

Many donors choose this type of gift because it is simple to execute, has many income tax advantages and may allow you to make a larger gift than what you might have been able to donate otherwise.

A gift of stock entitles you to a tax deduction for the market value of the donated security. If the stock you wish to donate has been held for more than one year, you can avoid capital gains tax on any appreciation of the stock by donating the stock prior to sale.

Thank you for your interest in giving a gift of securities to support Fredonia. Once you decide to make this type of gift, transferring the stock to the Fredonia College Foundation is simple.


Authorize your broker or agent to transfer the stock to Fredonia College Foundation's account at:

M&T Securities, Inc., One Fountain Plaza 12th Floor, Buffalo, NY 14203

Contact: Caitlin Lever, Brokerage Officer  Phone: (844) 843-1429

Account Name: The Fredonia College Foundation

Account Number: AZD 212942

Depository Trust Company Number: 0443

Clearing Broker: Pershing, LLC

Please contact a member of our team.

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