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Fredonia's study abroad offers a number of programs for SUNY and non-SUNY students, from first year to graduate level. Usually, undergraduates study abroad during their junior year, but seniors, well-prepared sophomores and occasionally freshman are eligible.  Study abroad is not for just language study anymore, students can take major coursework, minor coursework, upper-division electives, and CCC requirements while abroad.   

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Why should I study abroad? 

It may seem strange to be encouraging you to leave your college for a semester or a year even before you've started your college career. The fact is, there is no better time for you to spread your wings and experience not just college life, but a whole new culture in a whole new part of the world. Fredonia study abroad is a perfect opportunity to learn, to expand your horizons, and to become a citizen of the world.        
How can I afford to study abroad?
Look for less expensive programs. Federal loan and grant programs can be used for any accredited study abroad program, and because of the increased cost of foreign study, the level of income eligibility has also increased. In-state fees may apply to other universities' programs in your state. Many programs offer financial assistance; be sure to inquire about the possibility. Competitive travel grants are offered for travel expenses to programs in non-European locations, and minority grants and scholarships are offered. There are, also, some less costly variations: Au-pair (nanny) and study combination programs; short term (usually summer) work abroad opportunities; shorter term programs in the summer or during semester breaks. Start early to scout out sources of financial assistance - don't wait until you've been accepted, or even until you've chosen a program. Know what's available.


Will I get credit?

Studying abroad should not cause you to take additional time to earn your degree; if you plan carefully, you should be able to complete your college program in the same amount of time. You should receive transfer credit, or possibly even your own university's credit, for your study abroad. Don't commit yourself to a program until you are sure that your university will grant you credit. Make sure that your academic departments will approve the courses that you take abroad as equivalent to on-campus courses. 


How do I choose a program?

There are many factors to consider when you choose a program. Among them are the types of courses that are offered; the location; the cost and what's included in the total cost; choice of housing arrangements, homestay or residence hall; the degree of immersion that you desire in the host culture. Start by exploring our Study Abroad Map and Programs.


Sounds really great, but I'm afraid it will slow down my career track - it might look as if I'm not serious about school.England

Study abroad is not a vacation. Everyone who returns says it was fun, but the fun is really in what you learn about the rest of the world and about yourself. In addition to the courses you take, the subject matter is usually reinforced by your surroundings. We are living in a global economy. Any potential employer who is not impressed with your self-motivation, willingness to take risks, and expanded awareness of the world probably isn't worth working for in the first place. Medical school administrators say that registrants who study abroad bring an increased level of maturity and capability and are considered excellent candidates, assuming GPA and MCAT grades, etc. are acceptable. The major knowledge of a second language is a definite plus. Businesses with international connections want employees who can "hit the ground running" when they arrive in a foreign country.
There are many factors to consider in choosing the right program for you, and there is specific information from your university that you need. Be sure to check at your university's international office soon so that you can get all of the assistance you'll need to plan the best experience of your life.
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