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Sample Interview Questions | Projecting a Professional Image | Dressing for Interviews


  • You always want your skills and experience to be the focal points of your interview, not what you are wearing.
  • Conservative is usually better.
  • When in doubt, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed.
  • Anytime you are giving out your resume, attending an organization presentation, or meeting with a contact in the industry, regardless of circumstances, business casual is a minimum.
  • Once you are “in” the organization (i.e., you have the internship or job), then you can judge what is acceptable by the organization. Until then, follow the rules below.

    See examples - Dress to Impress - from Washington State University

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The following are general guidelines for dressing appropriately for interviews. Different career fields may be more or less conservative so do your research.


  • Professional dark business suit (black, dark blue, grey).
  • Minimal or conservative jewelry (small earrings, one ring not three, small necklace, etc.).
  • Stockings/pantyhose are a must when wearing a skirt.
  • Conservative make-up and nail polish (shy away from reds and pinks, stick with neutral colors).
  • If possible, keep hair away from face.
  • Skip the perfume or use sparingly.
  • Bring a briefcase or portfolio (if needed).


  • High hemline on skirt - the skirt should be only a few inches above the knee (anything highe
  • looks unprofessional).
  • Low-cut blouse. Blouses need to be buttoned up to the top or second to top button.
  • Open-toed shoes.


  • Professional dark business suit (black, dark blue, grey).
  • White shirts or solid blue is acceptable.
  • Conservative ties (solid or small neat patterns). Silk ties usually best.
  • Clean-shaven or facial hair neatly trimmed.
  • Polished shoes that match/complement your suit.
  • Skip the aftershave or use sparingly.
  • If you choose to wear jewelry, limit it to a watch, ring and/or cuff-links.
  • Bring a briefcase or portfolio (if needed).


  • Bottom of necktie reaches beyond belt.
  • Shoes with a worn or run-down heel.

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