Wellness workshops and programs:


Well with the Mind: Mindfulness Meditation. We all experience a daily stream of jumbled thoughts, to-do lists and deadlines that stress us out and narrow our ability to perceive the beauty of the world around us. This workshop provides beginners with a peek into the profound, restorative effects of mindfulness. By focusing our attention, we can break through habitual thinking and find a more centered state of being.  Approximately 30 minutes

Well with the Body: Movement Workshop. Our modern lifestyles mean we often spend long hours hunched over screens, neglecting many of our muscles and overusing others.  Inspired by yoga and ergonomic exercises, this workshop teaches a series of movements that students can do anytime (even while sitting) to relax, refresh, and recharge.  Approximately 30 minutes

Well with the Mind & Body: Meditation & Movement. Combines elements of Well with the Mind and Well with the Body to introduce the concepts of meditation and body movement. Approximately 1 hour

Well with Connection: Healthy Relationships. Romantic and friendship relationships can be a source of pleasure, happiness and joy, or disappointment, heartache and pain. They are always a learning experience; find out how to get more out your relationships and what to do if you or a friend is an unhealthy relationship. Approximately 1 hour

Green Dot: Bystander Intervention. The Bluedevil family values a shared responsibility, not only to take care of themselves, but to support and strengthen the well-being of their Fredonia community. In an effort to decrease bystander apathy, and embrace an ethos of helpers, this workshop builds confidence and skills to empower participants to safely speak up or step in with situations that may lead to sexual assault or relationship violence.   Approximately 1 hour

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FRED Well Workshops are coordinated by the Counseling Center's Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention program. Workshops have been developed by CC staff and are facilitated by undergraduate FRED Well interns. For more information please contact Julie Bezek, , 716.673.3424.

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