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Congratulations to Our Graduating Seniors!!

Oh, the Things I Will Do With My English Degree: Navigating the Humanities

These manifestos were written by Senior English majors at SUNY Fredonia in the spring of 2014. We wrote them to respond to a variety of challenges and objections against the English major that we have personally, and academically encountered.


The Department of English at SUNY Fredonia is an exciting place to learn and teach.  Our English majors and minors collaborate with faculty as they develop their skills as readers, writers, researchers, and community servants. English Adolescence Education majors share these opportunities, and develop the ideas and practices that will make them effective in the classrooms of an increasingly complex and diverse society.Our department values the importance of studying literature across cultures; fostering lifelong readers and writers; engaging multiple forms of textual literacy; practicing the arts of creative and critical writing; and championing the key role of the humanities in higher education. more...



Ann Siegle Drege
Ann Siegle Drege

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The English department is offering the following Summer Session courses: Online: ENGL 100, ENGL 207, ENGL 260, ENGL 329, ENGL 373 and Literary London (ENGL 404, 510 and 520)
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