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English B.A. Program at Fredonia

The English Department at Fredonia is committed to preparing students to achieve professional, civic, and personal success. Fredonia values the importance of studying literature across cultures; fostering lifelong readers and writers; engaging multiple forms of textual literacy; practicing the arts of creative and critical writing; and championing the key role of the humanities in higher education. Fredonia's English programs blend contemporary literary studies with critical, professional, and creative writing, and give students numerous opportunities for hands-on learning through community partnerships and internships. 

The Fredonia Difference

As you build on the skills and knowledge developed in our foundational courses and explore options within crucial categories in English studies at Fredonia, you will personalize your pathway through the major in order to gain the most from our faculty. Outside the classroom, you may choose to actively participate in writing internships; community service learning projects; literacy campaigns; creative collaborations and field experiences with area schools; public readings of literature to area children, seniors, and the broader community; or collaborations with Visual Arts and School of Music students by pairing original writings with graphic design and/or musical accompaniment. And of course you'll read a whole lot of terrific literature!

Want to be an English teacher?  Check out Fredonia's English Adolescence Education B.A. and English Adolescence Education B.A./M.A. programs!

Career Opportunities for English B.A.

  • Editor
  • Creative director
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Publisher
  • News anchor
  • Pastor
  • Publicist
  • College professor
  • Graphic designer

It's Different Here

$20,000 in scholarships

Increased student awards, scholarship, and support over the last six years, with more awards becoming available.

High demand skills

Employers seek out individuals who are strong communicators, excellent writers and researchers, and insightful critical thinkers.

$66,000 salary

Median salary (mid-career) of English majors. An English degree helps you advance further and faster in your career.

Why English at Fredonia?

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More than a classroom experience

Meaningful educational opportunities beyond the classroom, including internships and other applied learning experiences.

Fredonia alum and writer Sean Kirst addresses students during a Writers at Work workshop

Visiting writers galore

Fredonia brings in cutting-edge writers from all walks of life for readings, workshops, and to critique student work. Three series focus on creative writing, critical writing, and professional writing.

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Construct a major of courses that help you define, prepare for, and realize your career objectives.

Sample Courses

ENGL 215 Detective Fiction

A survey of mystery writers from Edgar Allan Poe to P.D. James, exploring their experiments with the genre and the methods of their detectives.

ENGL 375 Writing for the Professions

Focus on the development of students' ability to communicate in the business and professional world through the letter, memorandum, and in-house report.

ENGL 405 Page and Stage

This course will study drama as it is meant to be explored--on the page and on the stage. We begin our analysis of the drama with discussion on campus and then travel to see productions of the plays.

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