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English Adolescence Education Multi-Award Master's Program at Fredonia

Fredonia has developed an innovative English Adolescence Education B.A./M.A. program that reduces the number of years and the cost to earn a graduate degree. The English Adolescence Education B.A./M.A. is a five-year multi-award program leading to initial 7-12 certification and eligibility for professional certification (after meeting New York State requirements for classroom teaching experience following completion of the program). Graduates will have a Master's in English Education in five years, making your degree more affordable!

Completion of the multi-award program leads to initial 7-12 certification and eligibility for professional certification (after meeting New York State requirements for classroom teaching experience following completion of the program). The program's well-rounded focus on literature, writing, and language meets professional guidelines set by the National Council of Teachers of English. 

The Fredonia Difference

This forward-thinking program not only builds on Fredonia's tradition of outstanding teacher preparation, but also provides a seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate study. You'll learn everything you need -- both course content and how to teach -- with other English Adolescence Education students in classrooms that are predominantly taught by English faculty. 

Career Opportunities for English Adolescence Education Multi-Award

  • High school English teacher
  • Middle school English teacher

It's Different Here

Your education is more affordable

Cut down the time to earn your master's degree, which will save you money to achieve your dream

Learn with other English students

Rather than being generalized, the courses focus specifically on teaching in ELA classrooms

You'll be ready to teach immediately

Graduates are eligible for initial and professional certification in NY State

A Master's Degree in five years

Alex Moore

The chance to work towards my masters at SUNY Fredonia with the same professors and colleagues I have developed a strong relationship with is a great opportunity. Completing my master's in 5 years also saves time and money, allowing me to enter the workforce earlier with more confidence. The multi-award program offers a variety of beneficial courses that will make me a stronger teacher, such as technology in the classroom, teaching writing and reading, literary study, and a chance to be in a classroom each year.

Alex Moore English Adolescence Education Class of 2021

Sample Courses

ENED 355 Adolescent Literature

Study of a broad variety of texts written for, by, and about adolescents. Examination of the adolescent experience as it is depicted in this literature, with an emphasis on multicultural education, cultural diversity, and the educational system. Students will discuss and prepare to teach adolescent literature to students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

ENED 535 Topics in Teaching Diversity

Study of various topics in addressing diversity in schools and classrooms, including the range of identities and experiences that students and families bring to schools, explorations of teacher candidates’ personal biases, and a range of pedagogical approaches that work toward equity. Content will support students as they articulate individual positions and pedagogical plans designed to promote equity and awareness of diversity.

ENED 560 Seminar in English Education

Workshop designed to immerse students in the processes of teaching in the secondary school, from learning outcomes and lessons to a philosophy of teaching.

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