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The English Department at Fredonia values the importance of studying literature across cultures; fostering lifelong readers and writers; engaging multiple forms of textual literacy; practicing the arts of creative and critical writing; and championing the key role of the humanities in higher education. Our English programs blend contemporary literary studies with critical, professional, and creative writing, and give students numerous opportunities for hands-on learning through community partnerships and internships.

We produce top-notch graduates who get hired by regional and national organizations or go on to graduate programs all over the country. Recent graduates of the department are employed by law and business firms, journals and publishers, news and arts organizations, and schools.

English and English Adolescence Education majors at Fredonia actively participate in local small-press and online writing internships; community service learning projects; literacy campaigns; creative collaborations and field experiences with area schools; public readings of literature to area children, seniors, and the broader community through open-mic events; collaborations with Visual Arts and School of Music students in pairing original writings with graphic design and musical accompaniment; host visiting writers and literary critics; and read a whole lot of terrific literature.

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