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English Department Writing Awards

The Fredonia English Department offers several awards and scholarships that give ambitious and bright students in both our English, Education, and Writing classes financial support - approximately $15,000-20,000 a year - and department recognition.

Undergraduate Writing Awards

Please contact the English Department for information on submission dates. 

Mary Louise White First-Year Student Writing Award: Best paper written by a first-year student in an English course at Fredonia.

Mary Louise White Poetry Award: Best poem or group of poems (up to 3) written by a Fredonia undergraduate student.

Mary Louise White Fiction Award: Best short story written by a Fredonia undergraduate student. 

Mary Louise White Excellence in Creative Writing Award: Best multi-genre (poetry, fiction, and/or nonfiction) portfolio of creative writing written by a Fredonia undergraduate student.

Mary Louise White Upper-Level Student Writing Award: Best English paper written outside of ENGL 100 by a student beyond the first year at Fredonia.

Laura D. Foster 1929 Graduates’ Fund Award: Best paper displaying excellence in the study of literature written by a full-time undergraduate English major with at least junior standing. Preference will be given to papers that focus on the Romantic period (or, more generally, nineteenth-century literature).

Terry Mosher Writing the Natural World Award: Recognizes superior work focused on the natural world by a student currently enrolled in an English or English Adolescence Education course. Its focus must be the natural world, but it can take a variety of forms, such as a piece of original nature writing in any genre, a pedagogical unit, or a community internship.

Henry F. Salerno Scholarship: Awarded to a senior going on to graduate school who has done superior work. 



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