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Student Affairs

Student Affairs is the Division of the University that oversees all areas of the student's experience with special emphasis on educational and social experiences outside the classroom. Promoting student growth and development while at the University is one of our most important responsibilities.

The Office of Student Affairs...

  • serves as a clearinghouse for student concerns
  • assists students with personal situations
  • serves as a student advocate
  • provides information on college scholarships
  • works with all areas of the campus to promote student development and success
  • is a place to lodge a complaint or share concerns about any issue involving the university
  • is a place to obtain information for a leave of absence, withdrawal from college, or reinstatement
  • is a place to obtain a verification for absence from class
  • is actively involved in the development of the campus orientation programs
  • oversees the college judicial system
  • is actively involved in developing and updating college policies

Student Handbook
2015-2016 Guide

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Information about FERPA
"The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974" (FERPA)
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