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Intercultural Center

The Intercultural Center (IC) plans and implements educational, cultural, social and recreational presentations on diversity to facilitate cross cultural dialogue for the entire campus at Fredonia. The IC is supported by various offices including Multicultural Support Services, International Support Services, Veteran Affairs and collaborations/programs with other offices.

Walk-in and Virtual Office Hours

At this time the Intercultural Center IS allowing walk-ins for any questions or concerns. Please feel free to drop by and chat with our staff members if you need anything! 

We are also holding virtual office hours for your convenience and safety! 


Intercultural Center (IC) Mission

The Intercultural Center seeks to enhance the student experience by cultivating an inclusive community, on and off campus, through support and collaboration with campus constituents, while providing students with the skill sets needed to excel and make a difference. The department is comprised of the following offices:


Empower the campus community to take ownership of fostering an inclusive community.


  1. IC seeks to establish an inclusive community of diverse students.
  2. IC seeks to inspire students in leadership roles to make a difference in their community through collaboration and other means.
  3. Through programming, workshops, trainings and events, affiliated with IPS, students and faculty will be able to create a community that is supportive, inclusive, and a service to the campus.

The office encourages the campus community to investigate and acknowledge dissimilar cultures, recognize and celebrate differences because the very things that separate can, with mutual respect, bring communities together.

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