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PCI-DSS Sub-Committee


The Fredonia Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) apply to all faculty, staff, students, organizations, third-party vendors, individuals, systems and networks involved with credit card handling. This includes transmission, storage and/or processing of credit card numbers, in any form (electronic or paper), on behalf of Fredonia or a Fredonia affiliate. 

The PCI-DSS sub-committee responsibilities will include the following:

● will be responsible for the on-going compliance reviews, projects and initiatives required for Fredonia (and related affiliates) to maintain PCI-DSS compliance.
● will report to the Information Security Committee and be co-chaired by the Vice President of Finance and
Administration’s designee and the Information Security Officer.
● will provide updates and make recommendations to the Information Security Committee as to the status of compliance efforts.
● Campus community merchants representing other Fredonia divisions and affiliates (e.g. Research Foundation, etc.) will be requested to attend committee meetings and trainings as needed.

Sub-Committee Membership:         

  • Information Security Officer                                                                    
  • Director of Information Technology (FSA)    
  • Associate Vice President of InformationTechnology & Chief Information Officer
  • Director of Student Accounts 
  • Director of Internal Control 


The President’s Cabinet has delegated their authority to enforce this standard to the
Co-Chairs of the Information Security Committee.

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