Policy Office

Welcome to the SUNY Fredonia Policy Office.

This Policy Office website at www.fredonia.edu/policy-office provides the templates and framework information to assist campus policy developers. The Policy Office also maintains the official university Policy Library website, which contains all published campus policies

Policy Development and Review Policy

University policies must be formally reviewed, maintained, and made available to the university community to promote awareness, compliance, and accountability.  On June 19, 2019, the President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the Policy Development and Review Policy, which explains the framework for policy development at SUNY Fredonia. Campus policies are developed transparently with shared governance across all constituents of the campus community. The Policy Office works with Administration, SUNY Legal, unions and various governance committees on campus to develop, modify and communicate official campus policies. 

Policy Development & Review Policy

Policy Library

The Policy Library publishes all campus policies in a single location at www.fredonia.edu/policy. All policies published in the Policy Library are created by following the Policy Development and Review Policy. The Policy Library also contains related rules, laws SUNY System policies and procedures where appropriate.

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