Senate Actions, 2017 - 2018

October 2017:

1.  Approved the Dean of School of Business search committee slate;

2.  Approved Chancellor's Awards Committee membership; and

3.  Approved a Contingent Faculty Affairs Committee (ConFAC) resolution.

  • This resolution urged all SUNY campuses to clarify the responsibilities of contingent faculty so that eligibility and criteria for Chancellor's Awards are consistent with expectations.  It also suggested that SUNY create 3 distinct subcategories for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching: an award for tenure-stream faculty, an award for full-time contingent faculty, and an award for part-time contingent faculty.


November 2017:

1.  Approved the University Faculty Senate Charter School Teacher Certification resolution; and

2.  Approved the Fredonia Foundations Resolution authored by Senator Neil Feit.

  • This resolution allows courses beneath the 400-level and courses with prerequisites to be considered for inclusion in Fredonia Foundations.
  • It should be noted that this resolution excludes courses that satisfy the oral communication requirement.


December 2017:

1.  Approved the appointment of Judy Langworthy to the Faculty Student Association (FSA) Board;

2.  Approved the Distinguished Faculty Personnel Committee slate;

3.  Approved the Fredonia Strategic Plan, effective from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2021; and

4.  Approved Chancellor's Awards Committee slate.


February 2018:

1.  Approved the Fredonia Foundations Resolution authored by David Kinkela.

  • This resolution prohibits further changes to Fredonia Foundations course guidelines, related procedures, and all policies concerning eligibility until Fall 2021 (3 years after Fredonia Foundations classes begin).


March 2018:

1.  Approved the UUP-NYS Contract Negotiations Resolution authored by Bruce Simon.


April 2018:

1.  Approved the replacing of all instances of Division of Student Affairs with Division of Student Affairs in the University Senate Bylaws; and

2.  Approved Dr. Michael Scialdone, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, as 2018 - 2019 Senate Chairperson.


May 2018:

1.  Approved the new University Senate Bylaws language allowing for the election of multiple University Faculty Senator alternates;

2.  Approved the new University Senate Bylaws language allowing for Information and Technology Services (ITS) employees to be eligible for membership in the Faculty and Professional Affairs Standing Committee (FPAC); 

3.  Approved adjustments to the 2018 - 2019 academic calendar:

  • Offer 1 Professional Development Day in Spring 2019;
  • Classes will be in session during Professional Development Day in Spring 2019;
  • Appoint a group to provide input about professional development across all divisions;

4.  Approved the 2020 - 2021 academic calendar; and

5.  Approved the 2018 - 2019 University Senate Executive Committee:  Jennifer Costa, Human Resources, as Vice Chairperson | Dr. Cynthia Smith, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, as Governance Officer | Kevin Hahn, Residence Life, as Secretary.

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