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Dr. Eileen Lyon

Ph.D., University of Cambridge

Teaching Interests

British and European History; History of the Holocaust; Religious and Political History

Intellectual Contributions

  • "Christian Feminism and Social Commitment: Margaret Slachta and the Sisters of Social Service," Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte [Contemporary Church History] (N/A).
  • "The Dachau Plantation and Other Paradoxical Landscapes of the Holocaust," Universite Savoie-Mont Blanc (2021).
  • ""An unbendable strength in our rosary": Religious Life in the Gusen Concentration Camp," Church History and Religious Culture (2021).
  • ""'Tarcisia in Dachau': Josefa Mack and the Ordination of Bl. Karl Leisner"," Magistra. A Journal of Women's Spirituality in History (2019).


  • "Crafting Identity: The Production of Catholic Material Culture in the Nazi Concentration Camps," Crafting Identities, Handicraft Programmes in Times of War, Genocide and their Aftermaths, c. 1890-1950 (2022).
  • "Lived religion in Dachau: analyzing the multiplicity of witnesses in the 'priest barracks'," History of Experience: Methodologies and Practices 2020 (2020).
Dr. Eileen Lyon

Dr. Eileen Lyon


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