Dr. Michael Aiello

Dr. Michael Aiello, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Aiello, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

W393 Thompson Hall

(716) 673-3469

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Ph.D., Graduate Center, CUNY

Teaching Interests

My main teaching interests include policing, criminology, research methods, and vigilantes.

Research Interests

My research agenda focuses on policing. I research police web presence, including police social media and stand-alone websites. I also conduct research on procedural justice in policing, or outcomes of fair and respectful police treatment. Finally, I research how people respond to different types of police recruitment materials.

Intellectual Contributions

  • "Universal and Sex-Normed Benchmarks in Police Physical Fitness Requirements: A Factorial Vignette Design," Women & Criminal Justice (2023).
  • "Procedural justice and demographic diversity: A quasi-experimental study of police recruitment," Police Quarterly (2022).
  • ""Criminals, We're Coming": Costumed Crime-Fighter Legal Consciousness and Punishment Philosophies in Movement-Produced New Media," Journal of Qualitative Criminal Justice & Criminology (2020).
  • "Legitimacy invariance and campus crime: The impact of campus police legitimacy in different reporting contexts," Police Practice and Research (2020).
  • "Influential Women? Policing Styles in Online Recruitment Materials," Police Quarterly (2019).
  • "Gendered messages in police recruitment: Understanding the impacts of descriptors and physical fitness requirements on potential applicants," Policing: An International Journal (2019).
  • "Campus Police Cooperation and Legitimacy: Extending the Procedural Justice Model," Deviant Behavior (2018).
  • "Should I Call For Help?: Examining the Influences of Situational Factors and Bystander Characteristics on Reporting Likelihood," Journal of School Violence (2018).
  • "Policing through social networking: Testing the linkage between digital and physical police practices," The Police Journal (2017).