Dr. Michael Aiello, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Aiello
Dr. Michael Aiello
Assistant Professor
Thompson Hall

Ph.D., Graduate Center, CUNY

Teaching Interests

My main teaching interests include policing, criminology, research methods, and vigilantes.

Research Interests

My research agenda focuses on policing. I research police web presence, including police social media and stand-alone websites. I also conduct research on procedural justice in policing, or outcomes of fair and respectful police treatment. Finally, I research how people respond to different types of police recruitment materials.

Intellectual Contributions

  • "Influential Women? Policing Styles in Online Recruitment Materials," Police Quarterly (2019).
  • "Gendered messages in police recruitment: Understanding the impacts of descriptors and physical fitness requirements on potential applicants," Policing: An International Journal (2019).
  • "Campus Police Cooperation and Legitimacy: Extending the Procedural Justice Model," Deviant Behavior (2018).
  • "Should I Call For Help?: Examining the Influences of Situational Factors and Bystander Characteristics on Reporting Likelihood," Journal of School Violence (2018).
  • "Policing through social networking: Testing the linkage between digital and physical police practices," The Police Journal (2017).