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Dr. Hyun-Jung Kang

Ph.D., Expressive Therapies at Lesley University Ph.D., Music Therapy at Ewha Womans University

Dr. Hyun-Jung Kang is an assistant professor of music therapy at the State University of New York at Fredonia. Prior to joining Fredonia’s faculty, she had been teaching courses related to music therapy, music, and psychotherapy at several universities in the Republic of Korea since 2007. She holds two doctoral degrees; she completed her first doctoral course in expressive therapies at Lesley University and received her second doctoral degree in music therapy at Ewha Womans University. She has also finished all but her dissertation in a doctoral program in child psychology at Jeju National University. She completed a master’s degree in music therapy education (M.Ed.) and a dual degree in orchestral instruments (B.M.) and in psychology (B.A.) at Ewha Womans University. She also graduated as a violin major in music at Seoul Arts High School.

As a music-centered expressive arts therapist (health-musician), she has provided music therapy sessions since 2006 for various populations and has received psychotherapy training in myriad programs including Guided Imagery and Music (Level II completion), Child-Centered Play Therapy, Jungian Sandplay, and neuroscience-informed psychotherapies. During the first 4 years of her career, she provided music therapy sessions to children with developmental disabilities by collaborating with other professionals. She also taught one-year Kindermusik classes, an early childhood education music and movement program, for infants to 7-year-old children. Since 2010, she has focused on psychotherapies for not only traumatized individuals but also for the general population at the individual and community levels. As a director of CoMuHeal, she has experience running projects including participatory music therapy concerts for firefighters healing from trauma (funded by Gyeonggi-do government, Korea) and for people facing COVID-related mental health challenges (funded by Kyobo Life Insurance, Korea).

Research Interests

Dr. Kang’s current research interests include (a) community music therapy: with specific emphasis on uses of music for well-being in everyday life, music therapy in educational contexts, music therapy for musicians, collaborative and interdisciplinary practice, and uses of contemporary philosophy (ecological perspective, postmodernism, and posthumanism) to inform community music therapy paradigm and practice, (b) neuroscience-informed trauma care with music and arts: with specific emphasis on applying neuroscience-informed psychotherapy methods to music therapy practice and music therapy for somatic symptoms, and (c) spirituality and mindfulness.


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Dr. Hyun Jung Kang

Assistant Professor
Music Therapy

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