summer music festival flutes

High School Band Camp Activities

Band: Each student will be assigned to the Wind Symphony, which will rehearse daily and perform on the final concert in King Concert Hall on Saturday.

Chamber Ensembles: Students who elect to participate in chamber ensembles will rehearse daily with coaching from the camp faculty. These ensembles will perform at the Friday evening student chamber recital.
Jazz: Students who elect to participate in Jazz Band will rehearse each day. They will work as a group on understanding jazz style and improvisation through group playing exercises and listening, and will prepare for a performance during the final camp concert. 
Festival Chorus: All students will participate in daily chorus rehearsals, leading to a performance at the final concert.
Evening Concerts: Fredonia School of Music faculty soloists and ensembles will be featured in evening recitals.
Electives: Every student will participate in Music Theory classes. Other electives will include Music History, Music Technology, Wellness (yoga, meditation, etc.), and Conducting. Special Topics sessions will include Performance Anxiety, Audition Preparation, and Getting Ready for College.
Master Classes: Leave As Is
Private Lessons: Students may arrange to take private lessons with festival faculty.
Meals: Camp meal planning is supervised by the Faculty Student Association. Cranston Marche is an All-You-Care-To-Eat dining facility that offers campers a variety of choices including vegetarian and vegan choices.  
Recreation: softball, frisbee, tennis, swimming, racquetball, kickball, spud, etc.


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