Communication capstone course students produce film ‘Red Skies at Night’

Roger Coda
two students feature in film

Student actors Natalie Deboer and Aidan Conklin.

Students enrolled in a senior capstone are completing post-production of “Red Skies at Night,” the story that takes place in the 18th century about a man, whose marriage is in trouble, who receives advice from a mythological fish.

The script was written last fall by Edward Potter for COMM 361 Script Writing and was later optioned to capstone students. Ben Anderson is the director.

The country cottage set was created in about a week in a McEwen Hall studio. Scenes were also recorded in Cattaraugus County at New Albion Lake and in a garden at the home of Mr. Anderson’s great uncle.

Hunter Bardin, a junior majoring in Visual Arts and New Media: Film & Video Arts, spent several weeks building the giant fish puppet using animatronics. Jackson DiCarlo furnished the voice of the fish. Placing the puppet into live action scenes was a challenging and time-consuming project.

Students involved in the production were from COMM 464 Fiction II and the departments of Theatre and Dance and Communication. Aidan Conklin and Natalie Deboer portrayed the husband and wife. Those working on post-production included Kelsey Grimes, Bob Johnson, Emily Sheedy, Emily Richards, Arthur Twist, Michael Belliard and Anthony Florez, who took still images.

The students may submit “Red Skies at Night” to film festivals and can also use it as part of their professional showreels to help them get jobs after graduation.

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