Denton, Creeley publish study in Women & Birth

Sunday December 16, 2018Roger Coda
Drs. Lisa Denton (left) and Caty Creeley
Drs. Lisa Denton (left) and Caty Creeley

Drs. Lisa Denton and Caty Creeley, of the Department of Psychology, collaborated on a research project, whose results were recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Women & Birth.

"An Analysis of Online Pregnancy Message Boards: Mother-To-Mother Advice on Medication Use" was co-authored with two 2017 Fredonia graduates, Brianna Stavola (B.A., Sociology) and Kara Hall (B.S., Psychology), and Dr. Bradley Foltz from Georgetown University.

The paper analyzed the content of comments made on a popular internet message board for expectant mothers. Its goal was to explore feedback that pregnant women receive from others mothers about the safety of the use of various psychotropic medications during pregnancy. Recommendations for doctors and midwives about the need to address women's concerns about these medications was also included in the paper.

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