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composite photo of faculty members
composite photo of faculty members
  • June 16, 2021
  • Marketing and Communications staff

A series of free, online workshops and master classes for middle school and high school students and teachers will be hosted by the SUNY Fredonia School of Music in late June and July.

The music faculty have put together an impressive line-up of sessions.

The complete schedule and registration information is online at Pre-registration is required for the free sessions. Session I is slated for Tuesday, June 29, and Wednesday July 30; Session II is on Monday, July 26.

For more information, contact Summer Music Festival Director Tiffany Nicely via email.

Dr. Nicely added, “We know a lot of students are ‘Zoomed out’ right now, but are still looking for fun ways to stay engaged. Fredonia School of Music has it covered. Classes about how to practice efficiently and effectively, how to prepare for auditions, dealing with stage fright, master classes, women composers, and much more. No long days at the screen, just fun, interactive, value-packed workshops that will keep students interested and excited about playing.”