Pool test results for the week of Nov. 2, 2020

Marketing and Communications staff
photo of campus in fall

SUNY Fredonia President Stephen Kolison gave his weekly report on the most recent round of pool testing for COVID-19.

The results of last week’s pool testing in Steele Hall include:

11/2 - 329 students tested; 1 positive

11/3 - 163 employees tested; 0 positive

11/4 - 387 students tested; 0 positive

11/5 - 294 students tested; 0 positive

11/6 - 136 employees tested; 1 positive

He noted, “To summarize, Fredonia tested 1,309 people last week and found two positive cases. The positivity rate is 0.15 percent! At a time when positive cases are increasing in the region, state, and country, the care we are taking for each other is very good. Thank you all for your efforts!

That is all for now. I will have more information for you on Thursday. Hope you are having a great week. Stay safe!”

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