Smith collects third award for artist documentary

Friday August 31, 2018Roger Coda
art for poster to publicize movie by Roslin Smith about Marcia Merrins

Department of Communication Assistant Professor Roslin Smith will receive the Award of Creative Excellence, a highly competitive honor bestowed by the Broadcast Education Association, for “Moods, Mountains and Masterpieces. A Portrait of an Artist: Marcia Merrins.”

It is the third BEA award Ms. Smith will have received for her documentaries.

As a BEA award recipient, Ms. Smith was invited to take part in the 2018 BEA Super-Regional On-Location conference at the University of Houston, where she will receive the certificate, on Oct. 18. Another honor for Smith will be to have her film screened at the conference.

BEA, a premier international academic media organization that serves educators, students and professionals, conducts juried production competition and presentations of current scholarly research related to aspects of electronic media.

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