McFall collaborates on peer-reviewed paper

Friday September 21, 2018Lisa Eikenburg
Dr. Joseph McFall
Dr. Joseph McFall

Associate Professor Joseph McFall of the Department of Psychology collaborated on a peer-reviewed data paper reporting a new national data set he helped generate on the topic of Emerging Adulthood.

The paper is published in the Journal of Open Psychology Data, a journal dedicating to advancing open science by making original data available to anyone in the world who has an internet connection. It is believed that open data promotes better science because researchers' work can be double checked or improved upon by the scientific community and general public.

Using this open data set, Dr. McFall will be teaching a new special topics course, Advanced Data Analysis with SPSS. The course will satisfy an elective for the Statistics minor at Fredonia, giving students hands-on experience with analyzing real data and meaningful constructs using modern multivariate statistical analyses. The course materials using the open emerging adulthood data will also be part of a forthcoming open educational resources statistic analysis textbook.

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