February 18 message from President Kolison

Dear Fredonia community: 

It is Thursday already, and time for another update from me. I hope you’ve stayed warm and safe during the cold stretch we’ve had this week. Warmer temperatures are predicted for next week.  

Surveillance testing: Surveillance testing continues to go well, and the results are worth noting.  As of this writing, we have had 2,935 surveillance test results reported back to us, and only two have been positive. While my prayer is always to receive a zero positive rate, I find this result to be remarkable. Overall, our positive cases remain very low, and I have confidence that we will continue to do what is necessary to keep things that way—wear a mask, maintain a safe physical distance, and wash hands often. I know it can be tiring to hear these requests over and over, but it is critical to continue these behaviors. As I shared with you previously, you can find more details about testing results at the COVID-19 dashboard.  

“Fast Track”: So, what is Fast Track?  You will hear more about this soon.  For now, let me say that in an effort to make testing quicker for participants, the team in Steele Hall is developing “Fast Track” lanes, where people who are comfortable with the surveillance-testing process can follow posted signs in the Fast Track lane and administer their own test. The regular lanes will still be available for anyone who would like to continue receiving assistance in completing the test.  My thanks to the team for continuing to make the process more efficient and effective.  

FREDhero: Finally, I would like to continue something I started in the fall, which is recognizing individuals and offices for their extraordinary work in making sure Fredonia continues to safely carry out the mission of this campus. In light of the aforementioned “Fast Track,” I want to recognize Emergency Planning Coordinator Chuck Holder. Chuck is constantly innovating the surveillance-testing process to ensure efficiency and accuracy, as this latest improvement indicates.  Please join me in extending thanks to him. 

Do you have someone that you would like to recognize as a true FREDhero?  Please email me at president.office@fredonia.edu.

Until next Thursday, take care and have a great weekend.

Very truly yours,

Dr. K.

Stephen H. Kolison, Jr., Ph.D.

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