Statewide Financial System (SFS)

The Office of State Comptroller (OSC) implemented a new state-wide vendor management software, the Statewide Financial System (SFS), on April 1, 2012.

The new SFS will require all vendors doing business with any New York State agency to obtain a "NYS Vendor ID No." Most vendors that had recent purchase orders with Fredonia will be in SFS. Vendors not in SFS will have to complete a Substitute W9. Vendors can reference this OSC Vendor Guide for additional information on how they maintain their account information.

SFS will process payments/reimbursements utilizing two types of "payees":
1) Payments to employees (using their NYS EMPLID NO)
2) Payments to vendors (using their NYS VENDOR ID NO)

The implementation of SFS has changed how employees are reimbursed, including travel reimbursement. An employee no longer has to include their Social Security Number on a requisition or travel voucher. All reimbursement documentation now require ONLY the employee’s “NYS EMPLID NO” that can be found on their advice/check stub. The reimbursement process will work as follows:

  • Employees that receive part or all of their pay in a check will continue to receive a check for their travel/expense reimbursements. However, that check will be mailed to the same address as the one that appears on the employee’s paycheck. There is no option to have travel reimbursements sent to a different address.
  • Employees that have their full paycheck direct deposited to one bank account will have their travel/expense reimbursements deposited to that same account.
  • Employees that have their direct deposit split across more than one account will have their travel/ expense reimbursements deposited into the account where the balance of their pay goes. For example, if you have $300 per paycheck direct deposited to Bank A and the balance to Bank B, your travel/expense reimbursement will go to Bank B. If you are unsure how your direct deposit is set up in regard to multiple deposits or if you wish to make changes to your direct deposit account, contact the Payroll Office, Ext. 3775.
  • Employees will not receive any notification that a direct deposit has occurred, they would be aware that a reimbursement will be coming and the amount when they submit their Expense Report.
  • Employee reimbursements for travel/expenses will be paid on an ongoing basis and are not impacted by the payroll schedule. Employees will be reimbursed as reimbursement vouchers are processed.

Use 0100000033 for non-taxable reimbursement to a non-employee, such as candidate travel expenses.
Use 0100000011 for non-taxable reimbursement to a SUNY student (that is not on student payroll), such as conference travel expenses.

OBTAINING A NYS VENDOR ID NO: Most payees that provide goods and services are taxable and must be registered in SFS and obtain a “NYS Vendor ID No” to be used in lieu of a Federal ID Number. Should a payee contact your department regarding obtaining a “NYS Vendor ID No”, the process is as follows:

  • Departments will send the Substitute W-9 to the Purchasing Department (not to the address listed on the bottom of the Substitute W-9 form)
  • The Purchasing department will add the payee to SFS
  • Departments will also want to supply the payee with this attached OSC link - this will help them understand the new vendor process

A payee is only required to complete a Substitute W-9 one time. Once the payee is registered in SFS they can use their NYS Vendor ID No for payment/reimbursement from ANY New York State agency.

To save paperwork and time, you can confirm if a payee has already been entered in SFS by emailing or the

More details will follow as we enter into this transition to SFS.