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updated 9/28/2015

A contract is a legal, binding, enforceable agreement between Fredonia and a vendor which specifies terms and conditions.

This website is a partnership between ITS, University Services and Purchasing to provide our campus with a centralized process for ITS contract management, application or system acquisition and access to current SUNY wide or Fredonia's service and technology contracts.

To access SUNY University wide contracts, select Fredonia campus from drop-down menu and then enter your eservices username and password. Fredonia's contracts are located under the blue Contract Portfolio button on the right-hand side.

Only the Director of University Services (after approval from SUNY Legal) or a designee is authorized to sign a contract that legally binds the University. If any other Fredonia staff member signs a contract then he or she is personally liable for the terms and conditions of the contract.

The three major components of this site are:

CONTRACT PORTFOLIO: Is a "dynamic" Google Doc spreadsheet that lists current local contract information such as vendor or application/system name, description, primary contact person, department and contract or license end date. The index glossary is located on the bottom line of the worksheet.

Note: If there is no "License End Date", then the contract or license might have an evergreen renewal date. This means that it will continuously be renewed until we end our relationship with the vendor or the vendor ends their relationship with us.

REQUEST A NEW CONTRACT: Request a new software application or system. The acquisition procedure is outlined in the Information Technology Services SLA (Service Level Agreement) which states that the Office of University Services is responsible for the review and authorization of all software terms and agreement on behalf of the university. Individuals are not authorized to accept terms on behalf of the institution, but if procurement is made via the procurement card, then the individual is accepting the terms without the appropriate review and revision to meet SUNY and NY State requirements. Procurement card holders bear in mind that software acquisitions and renewals should not be made using the procurement card.

First step: Software must be reviewed by the ITS Service Center.You may either complete a Tracker ticket or complete the form associated with “Request A New Contract” blue button on the right-hand side of this website.

Second step: All software agreements, end user license agreements, and the support or maintenance of the software language must be review by the Office of University Services. This office works with SUNY Legal Counsel to make sure that the campus is protected in its software purchases.

Third step: All software must be purchased by using a state issued purchase order outlined in the Requisition Processing Policy. To reiterate, no purchases can/should be made with a procurement card.

New technology solutions having the potential to affect multiple people require a review process to ensure that all hardware, software, support, networking, security and data requirements are addressed prior to purchase and implementation. Individuals or groups looking at potential new solutions should contact the Project Management Office early in the process.

NEW/RENEWAL CONTRACT PROGRESS: A Google Doc spreadsheet that tracks the progress of new software application or system requests or renewals.

Questions? Please contact and/or leave a voice message at x3379.