ITS Service Center

Project Portfolio

The purpose of the ITS Project Portfolio is to provide a tool for us to strategically communicate and prioritize the ITS project portfolio within the scope of our capacity (staff, funding and infrastructure).

Project Name Phase Target Date Status Note
Argos Reporting Executing 7/31/18 on time Currently in process of transitioning legacy reports to Argos.
Banner 9 Initiating 11/1/2018 on time  
COS Rewrite Initiating   delayed  On hold
eService Refactor Executing 8/1/2018 delayed  
ODS Executing   delayed  On hold
PCI DSS Compliance Executing 4/30/2019 on time  
R Server Studio Pilot Initiating 8/17/2018 on time  
Virtualization Phase 3 Initiating 6/30/2018 on time  

The Project Portfolio is updated weekly. Completed projects are removed upon closing. Please contact the PMO Office if you have questions about our portfolio.

Status Key:

Status Key:

on time On Time
delayed Delayed
hold Hold