Information Technology Services


Our mission is to fulfill SUNY Fredonia's vision to provide support for all technical needs from students, staff, and teachers. 

The main goals of ITS is to:

  • Provide a stable, secure, and easy to use computing workplace.
  • Work with others in finding and support new and existing tech.
  • Maintain and improve our skills to support campus tech needs.

Our promise to give all students, staff, and teachers access to all info and tech in a classroom.

Fredonia's EIT Webpage

Allows students to obtain a laptop for school use using aid.

For more info, please visit the FRED Laptop Program site.

Tasked with advising ITS and campus on info tech.

Fredonia's ITAB Webpage

The mandate for SUNY to commit to reduce printing costs and better ways to print.

Fredonia's MPI Webpage

The PMO creates and tracks projects for a tech service.

Fredonia's PMO Webpage