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FREDmail (Gmail)

Change eServices

Use fredPASS to change your password for all eServices that include email, FREDLearn, Google Apps, campus computers and wireless.

Initial Login Instructions

To log into FREDmail. use your current eServices username and password. If you log in for the first time you will be shown the terms of use for Google Apps. After reading these terms, scroll down to bottom of the screen and enter the special text. This is also known as CAPTCHA text into the provided field and click on I Accept.

Known Issues

None known at this time.


  • Google Apps accounts provide tons of storage on FREDApps.

Access FREDmail Using Other Email Programs and Mobile Devices

Information Technology Services (ITS) recommends and supports use of the Google web client. They support it because it will enhance all features and functions of FREDmail. However, your State University of New York at Fredonia Google Apps FREDmail account can work with Microsoft Outlook. They can also work with other email clients or devices that support IMAP.

Because Google supports several optional desktop email clients which may change from time-to-time. ITS will provide support for the web client only. They are not equipped to help users with specific desktop clients beyond the general parameters. For a list of clients and setup guides supported by Google, see this page for more info.

You will need to register your eServices password. This is used to login to FREDLearn, current Fredonia email, Tracker, wireless and campus networked computers. If you want to use desktop email clients and/or if you want to access your Google account with your device. See this page for more info.

Personal Google/Gmail Accounts

Your Fredonia Google Apps account is totally separate from your personal Google/Gmail account. Nothing about your personal Google account will change. Your private account and Fredonia accounts will not be merged.

Forgotten Passwords

If you forgot your eServices password, you can have it reset to the original default password. To do this, log in to Your Connection. You can access the site by selecting Your Connection from the eServices link on the left-hand side of this page.

Once logged in, select View Your UserIDs and Passwords under the Personal Info link. Scroll down to the eServices ID and passwords section and click on To Reset Your Password and follow the directions. Your password will be reset to the default. After the password is reset, can change it. To do so,  go to the Change My eServices Password page.

Import Contacts

You can import LOCAL contacts you already have stored in another email program into your Fredonia Google Apps account. See Importing Contacts on Google's website for details and instructions. If you were using Distribution Lists in your Exchange account they will need to be imported separately. They will then need to go into your Fredonia Google Apps account as Groups. See Distribution List directions for more help.

Auto-reply, Out-of-Office Replies, and Mail Forwarding

To create a vacation out-of-office auto-reply, use the "Vacation Responder" feature in FREDmail. View instructions.

ITS Service Center

  • W203 Thompson Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063