Virus Detection and Prevention

How to protect your computer

CylanceProtect is licensed by BlackBerry Cylance Corporation to Fredonia.

All state-owned computers in faculty/staff offices and labs have virus protection installed as a part of the machine prep. Some older computers may need updated software. Please contact the ITS Service Center with any problems. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to purchase and install antivirus software on their home computers.


CylancePROTECT detects and blocks malware before it can affect a device. Cylance uses a mathematical approach to malware identification, using machine learning techniques instead of reactive signatures, trust-based systems, or sandboxes. 


Threat: When a threat is downloaded to the device or there is an exploit attempt (something running in memory that attempts to execute an attack).

Threat Detection: How the Agent identifies threats.

Running Module Scan: Scans processes running on the device. This is collected after the initial installation of CylancePROTECT and when the Cylance Service starts (example: system boot).

Execution Control: Analyzes processes upon execution only. This includes all files that run at startup, that are set to auto-run, and that are manually executed by the user.

Background Threat Detection: Scans files on the system, runs in the background, and is designed to consume a small amount of system resources.

Watch for New Files: Scans new and updated files for threats. Because this feature only looks for new and updated files, Background Threat Detection is set to Run Once when the agent is initially installed. Background Threat Detection scans all files on the device.

Script Control: Protects users from malicious scripts running on their devices. This includes PowerShell, Active Script, and Microsoft Office Macros. 


Please contact the ITS Service Center 716-673-3407 or for assistance.