ITS Organization and Role Definitions


CIO, Directors, Managers, and Officers make sure the plan and vision are known, discussed, and done on time. They also share info, make and adopt policies, and run the budgets. They also create ways to grow their teams, change a service for the better, and manage projects.

Support Services

The ITS staff helps students, teachers, and staff with their computer needs. They do things like fixing problems, keeping data and systems in good shape, and making sure everything is working. They also check logs, make backups of info, and run programs and setting up new computers. They make sure computer labs and classrooms are ready for students and teachers. They also provide service to help everyone using the computers.

Research & Development

This is about meeting needs, like update software, and follow the project's goals and rules. It aims to create a secure and lasting framework and provides docs to support teams.

ITS Organizational Chart

  • Information Technology Services Chief Informational Officer - Michel Kouadio
    • Administrative Assistant 1 Trainee - Angela Proper
    • Director of ACT & EITA Officer - T. John McCune
      • Instructional & Accessibility Technician - Daniel LaGrow
      • Learning Spaces Technology Coordinator - Vacant
      • Learning Spaces Technician - Justin Rose
      • Applications Administrations Trainer - Chris Taverna
      • Student Workers
    • Interim Manager of ITS Service Center - Mark Mackey
      • ITS Service Center Technician - Vacant
      • Residential Technology Coordinator - Mark Mackey
      • ITS Service Center Senior Technician - Nicholas Nowakowski
      • ITS Service Center Associate Technician - Edward Blue
      • ITS Service Center Technician - Jessie Blum
      • Student Workers
    • Manager of Enterprise Infrastructure Services - Kevin Bom
      • System Administrator - Scott Grien
      • System Administrator - Matthew Wilson
    • Chief Information Security Officer - Ben Hartung
      • Senior Security Analyst - Idalia Torres
      • Student Workers
    • Manager of Enterprise Reporting & Development - Vacant
      • Lead Programmer Analyst - Michael Sek
      • Programmer Analyst - Vacant
    • Director of Enterprise Data & Informational Services - Kevin Lane
      • Lead Programmer Analyst - Teresa Dodge
      • Lead Programmer Analyst - Charles Reed
      • System Support Specialist - Gary Vandevelde
    • Manager Network Design & Development - Joseph Baxter
      • Network Infrastructure Technician - Alex Moon
      • Network Support Specialist - JJ Nocek
      • Student Workers