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To go to the ITS Service Center, go to W203 Thompson Hall, 2nd Floor, 716-673-3407

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an incoming first-year student and can’t login to Your Connection, what should I do?
Email the Admissions Office or call at 716-673-3251.

I'm a student and can’t login to Your Connection, what should I do?
Email ITS Service Center from your Fredonia email address and ask to have your password for Your Connection reset.

My email login is not working, what should I do?
Log into Your Connection and go to View IDs and Passwords. Find and use the link "To Reset Your Password", reset your password and try again.

Why does it look like I have more than one email address?
Each Fredonia email account has two ways that people can reach you. One is your Username, the other is your Alias. Don’t worry, email sent to either will come to the same account.

I will graduate from Fredonia soon, will I get to keep my email account?

Fredonia greatly values our Alumni community. Sadly, the campus will no longer offer SUNY Fredonia Alumni Gmail accounts. There will also be no access to other Google Workspace apps. This is due to recent changes imposed by Google, effective July 1, 2022. All current Alumni will need to transfer or move their files from their Fredonia Google Workspace Apps.  Some places to move files to include FREDmail, Drive, or to their personal apps before the July 1, 2022 deadline. 

Changes effective July 1, 2022, include the following:

Alumni who finished college after December 2021 will have access to their Fredonia accounts for 2 years after completion. The quota limit of 20GB applies to these alumni as of July 1.

Alumni who finished college before spring 2022 will not continue to have access to their Fredonia Workspace account. They will lose their access to Google Workspace as of July 1, 2022.

Where can I learn more about getting connected to the network in my Residence Hall?
Please call the ResNet website at 716-673-3668, or visit the ResNet Website for more info.

For all other issues or questions, see Getting Started or please contact us:

Learn about Google Workspace apps at Fredonia

Change eServices

Change your password for all eServices including email, FREDLearn, Google Apps, campus computers and wireless.

Don't Know your
eServices Password?

Instructions on how to reset it to the default


Support across the whole campus includes, but is not limited to, installing, creation, solving problems and solving the following services:
  • Campus supports both state-owned PCs and Macs, and related software, hardware and peripherals
  • Installing new state-owned computer systems
  • Hardware -- fix, maintain and repair/replace state-owned computer, printer and other peripheral hardware and components
  • Software -- Microsoft Office
  • Labs -- support equipment assist users in various labs
  • Smart Classrooms -- support equipment and peripherals in Smart Classrooms
  • Email -- Now using FREDapps

The ITS Service Center provides support for students and faculty using computer labs, and classrooms. Our audio visual equipment provides you with the support you need for your classes and homework.

AV equipment can be reserved by going to: 

Equipment Checkout System

Reserving AV equipment can be done online using our Equipment Checkout System. The system can be used by both Faculty and Students who will be using the equipment. Students must still have a Faculty signature for overnight use. Overnight forms can be found at the ITS Service Center, W203 Thompson Hall.
Please contact us to arrange a meeting and/or instruction on any of the equipment we have to offer.

  • Computer Lab with Windows and Macintosh- Computers can be used by all students and staff. ITS Service Center hours are when the computers are free to use.
  • Poster Printing - printers that print up to full size posters.
  • Wireless Printing - print from your laptop to our printers in the computer lab. View Instructions on Answers.
  • DVD Transfer - transfer or duplicate your flash drives, memory cards, VHS tapes, CDs or DVDs to CD/DVD.
  • TV/DVD Viewing Stations - watch a DVD for class.

*NOTE: All items must be purchased with your FREDCard using FREDFunds or Debit.

Community Members may purchase a Gift Card with a minimum of $10.00. They can be bought during normal business hours at the University Bookstore in University Commons. Other locations include the FSA Office in Gregory Hall, or online. Cards may also be purchased in machines found in Gregory Hall, McEwen Hall, & the College Bookstore. Cards purchased in the machines for $10.00 will have $8.00 loaded on them (minus a $2.00 card purchasing fee). Add more funds to the gift card in the University Bookstore. Other locations include University Commons or the FSA Office in Gregory Hall. Visit the FSA website for more info. If you have a FREDCard, you have a FREDFunds or Fredonia Debit Account. All you have to do is place funds into the account. You can place funds as low as $15.00 into your FREDFunds or Fredonia Debit Account by using Quick Deposit. You can do this by stopping by the FSA Office. Another way is by using ValuePorts found in Gregory Hall, Williams Center, and McEwen Hall.

ITS Service Center

  • W203 Thompson Hall State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063