Information Technology Advisory Board

The Information Technology Advisory Board (ITAB) is a visionary, planning, working, and advisory board to the President's Cabinet. ITAB is also an affiliated committee to the University Senate.


ITAB assists in strategic technology planning and provides guidance for technology utilization at the University.


ITAB standing members represent areas that must be consistently part of the strategic planning process.

ITAB appointed members to represent students, faculty, and staff and are appointed for three-year staggered terms. Membership is reviewed annually by the ITS Executive Board.

It is the responsibility of each member to represent institutional stakeholders and to solicit and share information with those stakeholders.

Steering committees are standing sub-committees of ITAB, and are chaired by standing ITAB members.

Task Forces or Project Teams are formulated as necessary to provide evaluation or implementation services. Steering Committees and ITAB meet on at least a monthly basis.

ITAB Membership:

  • Chair: Interim Chief Information Officer, Ben Hartung
  • College & School Deans: Andy Karafa
  • Reed Library: Kerrie Wilkes
  • Online Learning: Lisa Melohusky
  • Registrar: Scott Saunders
  • Faculty Student Association: Eric Johnson
  • Marketing & Communication: Andrea Wasiura
  • Academic Affairs: Todd Proffitt
  • Engagement & Career Development: Tracy Collingwood
  • Finance and Administration: Ann Aldrich
  • University Police: Scott Martin
  • Campus Life: Mark Suida
  • Student Accounts: Megan Mackowiak
  • Financial Aid: Sarah Cybart
  • ITS Enterprise Reporting & Development: Michael Gerholdt
  • ITS Enterprise Data & Info Services: Kevin Lane
  • ITS Academic and Collaborative Tech and EIT Accessibility Officer: T. John McCune
  • ITS Network Design and Development: Joe Baxter
  • ITS Service Center: Tylor Cardone
  • ITS Enterprise Infrastructure Services: Kevin Bom
  • Residence Life - Kathy Forster
  • Research Foundation - Kathleen Gradel
  • Academic Affairs - Derrick Decker
  • ITS: Chris Taverna
  • ITS: Idalia Torres
  • Academic Affairs: Phil Hastings
  • Student: TBD
  • Student: TBD
  • Ex officio, Banner Users Group (BUG): Scott Saunders
  • Ex-officio, ITS Recording Partner: Finance and Administration Secretary 2

ITAB Meetings

ITAB meetings are held monthly each semester via Zoom.
All ITAB meetings will be recorded and made available to active eServices account users.

Please note that any interested members of the campus community are welcome to attend ITAB meetings or may submit questions and comments to any ITAB member or directly to the following email address: