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Connections & Integrations: Creating a Learning Outcomes Framework for Fredonia

(March 2012)

Having incorporated changes that reflect feedback from the campus community, the Task Force on Institutional Goals is pleased to provide the campus with our final report, proposing the following:

Fredonia will focus its mission to ensure that all Fredonia students, utilizing knowledge developed through a broad range of intellectual experiences, will be:

  • Skilled (develop Intellectual and Applied Skills, Literacies and Knowledges),
  • Connected (engage Community and Diversity: Local Stewardship, Global Citizenship),
  • Creative (demonstrate Scholarship, Artistry, and Innovation), and
  • Responsible (activate Sustainability, Ethics, Leadership, and Professionalism).

Please see the report for further information regarding each of these goals as well as the Task Force's recommendations for implementing and advancing this initiative.

Institutional Learning Goals

  • State University of New York at Fredonia Fredonia, NY 14063