SEFA Giving Opportunities

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Donation Details

Your investment each pay check for a year will provide:

$1.00 each pay check (will provide one of the following):

  • One month's discount rate medication for a kidney disease patient
  • One safety syringe and one pair of latex gloves to ensure proper workplace safety and protection
  • One potential donor to be typed for the Bone Marrow Registry
  • One wig for a patient who has lost his/her hair due to chemotherapy    

$3.00 each pay check (will provide one of the following):

  • Ongoing therapy to a child from a hospice worker
  • Shipping and importation cost for $800.00 of medical and supplies into Mexico
  • Three months of counseling sessions for a family dealing with Alzheimer's
  • School books for two children in the Philippines    

$5.00 each pay check (will provide one of the following):

  • Sixteen hours of Helpline calls for Alzheimer's and cancer caregivers and patients
  • Ten hours of home care for an aging senior
  • Medicine to treat thirty people with River Blindness    

$10.00 each pay check (will provide one of the following):

  • One week of Asthma Camp for an asthmatic child
  • One month of milk for an orphaned child in Romania
  • Sixteen hours of research on the causes and cures for leukemia




Annual Gift

  Equivalent To   Will Provide




  1 donut and a large coffee   8 calls on a suicide prevention hotline




  2 lottery tickets   Immunize 400 children in developing nations
against 6 deadly childhood diseases




  1 week of a daily paper   2 physical therapy sessions for a disabled individual




  6 pack of soda   5 families with emergency food & clothing




  1 burger, fries and shake   Protection for 3 square miles of coral reef, home to hundreds of species of marine plants and animals




  1 roll of 24 exposure film   5 hours of home care for a disabled person




  1 sirloin steak   Protection for 1 acre of habitat for the
endangered mountain gorilla




  18 pound bag of dog food   4 days of specialized day care
for 1 isolated elderly person




  1 movie ticket   A clean up walk along a river's edge
by 40 volunteers




  1 small pizza and soda   AIDS education for 13 individuals




  1 CD   4 days of summer camp for 5 disadvantaged children




  1 salon visit wash, cut & blow-dry   Provide a village with clean, safe water with a well




  1 casual dinner for two   2 visits for short-term in-patient care for substance abusers




  1 live concert or ballet ticket   Save 50 severely malnourished children
with a nutritional feeding kit