SEFA Why Donate?

How Your Contributions Help


"I give to SEFA because SEFA gave to me."
"Over forty years ago UNICEF, one of the SEFA agencies, came to my school in Trinidad with a delicious and nutritious dairy program. I participated. Today, through my support, I hope to create a similarly positive experience in someone's life. Everyone should support SEFA. It is the human touch!"
Keith Matthews, Sr. Administrative Analyst Business & Facilities
Office of Management Services



"I'm grateful for Community Maternity Services in Albany, a SEFA-supported agency, for their financial and emotional guidance during a time when I was young, single and pregnant. They were a haven of help when I was feeling overwhelmed and alone."

Sharon Gavitt, Reference Librarian
New York State Library
Office of Cultural Education


"I have a son with special needs and I used to give to SEFA when I was younger. Then I heard rumors that they didn't use the money properly and all that garbage. But, this year when I attended the SEFA Fair and saw all my son's programs there, I knew they must be rumors. I didn’t realize all that SEFA is involved with until my husband and I walked through the concourse and stopped at each table to talk to each group.
My family and I have had so much help from so many programs over the past twelve years and and we found new programs that can give us more help. I am telling you, if these programs did not exist, life would be much harder on parents. They help us to survive the everyday life of our child’s illness, and all the emotions that come with it. Believe me, adults and children need these services - rich or poor - no matter what one's differences may be. These programs are here for all of us.
We plan on giving to SEFA this year, but we have so many groups to give to that we have to write out our list and split them between us... and there are so many programs to give you the help you need, but they need our support to help them to keep their jobs of giving, caring and loving."

Mary E. Kivlen, Secretary 1
Office of the District Superintendents and BOCES
Elementary, Middle, Secondary & Continuing Education



"I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Center for the Disabled’s family of donors. I have been inspired by the dedication and compassion of the people – staff, board, volunteers, and families – who contribute to the incredible work they have done for our community for over 60 years. The Center is about people who represent the dreams and aspirations of parents who, decades ago, were determined to meet the special needs of their children. It’s a record of remarkable achievements of individuals with disabilities in the face of challenges each and every day.

For these reasons, I am proud, and humbled, to be able to contribute - through SED’s SEFA Campaign - to the Center for the Disabled, to support the quality care they provide to over 15,000 individuals, and their families, who depend on the Center for their long-term health and well-being. I hope my support will encourage others to contribute to the Center so it can continue to thrive as a valuable community resource for generations to come."

Jean C. Stevens, Assistant Commissioner
Office of Workforce Preparation & Continuing Education
Elementary, Middle, Secondary & Continuing Education