Contract Services

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Contract Services coordinates and administers the timely completion and lawfully compliant administration of all contracts for Fredonia. This Office works under the authority of The University Services Department and is charged with the following major responsibilities:

  • Preparing and coordinating specifications, bidding and negotiation
  • Contract execution of major campus procurements and capital construction projects
  • Preparing College contracts for all commodities, services and software in accordance with existing rules and regulations
  • Assists related departments with workflow process and improvement in order to maintain compliance with governing rules and regulations


Service-Disabled Veterans (SDV) Program

Prevailing Wages
The only exception made from payment of prevailing wages are for vendors whose company is structured as a Sole Proprietorship or Equally-Owned Partnership. No employees are allowed on the job other than the owner(s); family members, unless they are equal owners, are not excluded from payment of prevailing wages. Vendors within this category must provide proof of their company business structure to allow this exception prior to commencement of work.


Inquiries related to University Contracts may be directed to:

Soteris Tzitzis
Director of University Services
(See Contact Information On Side)