ACE Advising

Fredonia's ACE Program will work in conjunction with your Faculty/Academic Advisor to support your success and goal to graduate on time!
  • The role of your Faculty/Academic Advisor is to provide you with insight and understanding of your degree requirements and provide you mentorship in your discipline.  
  • The role of your personal ACE Advisor will help you identify and work toward your educational, career, and personal goals by connecting you with the full range of university and community resources to meet your needs. 
    • Help you discover courses and programs that will support your growth
    • Tell you where to learn about policies and understand their application
    • Remind you about important  deadlines
    • Assist you in weighing benefits and consequences when facing complex decisions
    • Promote development and balance of personal, social, and academic skills 
    • Work with you to refine time management, organization habits, and prioritization of tasks

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