ACE Courses

ACE students can take first-year classes with groups of fellow ACE students. This opportunity helps students to build their network and develop close and supportive relationships with peers and faculty.

ACE partnered courses Fall 2024:

BIO 110           Human Biology
COMM 101     Fundamentals of Communication
COMM 105     Public Speaking
ENGL 100       Craft of Writing
HIST 100        Decoding History
HIST 150        Global Pasts
HIST 170        American Pasts
GEO 160        Blue Planet
GEO 165        Planet Earth
GEO 175        Thirsty Planet
GEO 180        Weather & Climate
MATH 110     Math in Action
PHIL 115        Introduction to Philosophy
POLI 120        Politics in American Life
WRIT 260       Introduction to Creative Writing

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