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Dr. Robert Dahlgren

Ph.D., University of Florida

Robert Dahlgren earned his Ph.D. in social studies education from the University of Florida under the supervision of Dr. Elizabeth Yeager Washington. Before joining the Fredonia faculty in August 2008, he taught social studies at elementary, middle school and high school levels in Massachusetts and Florida for seven years. He educator preparation experience also includes teaching part-time in the Graduate Education program at Simmons College in Boston and at Miyazaki University, a national university in southern Japan.

Office Hours

  • Tuesday: 2-4pm
  • Thursday: 2-4pm

Teaching Interests

In his undergraduate and graduate level courses, Dr. Dahlgren’s goal is to provide practical instruction for pre-service teachers in order to inspire them to teach students in be life-long learners in the social studies. In addition, he has teaching interests in the social foundations of education, philosophy of education and comparative education.

Research Interests

Dr. Dahlgren’s research interests are driven by the insights that he gained for his teaching experiences and by the desire to provide a voice for social studies teachers. His primary research interest is in academic freedom and controversy, which he views as among the most pressing concerns for high school social studies teachers. His doctoral dissertation concerned the experiences of public school teachers in Florida with teaching controversial public issues. He will be developing several models for successful teaching of controversy in the social studies.


  • "“Ivory Tower Misfits: Images of Higher Education and College Professors in Hollywood Films” Film Series – Presentation of Wonderboys," SUNY Fredonia 2019/2020 Convocation Series (2019).
Dr. Robert Dahlgren

Dr. Robert Dahlgren


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