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Dr. William Brown

Ph.D., University of Toronto

I am a Professor of Biology at SUNY Fredonia with a PhD from the University of Toronto and over 25 years of experience as a professional scientist. I teach courses in introductory biology, ecology, evolution, and conservation to a wide range of students, from freshman non-majors to graduate science majors. I also have an active lab where we publish papers on the ecological adaptations of animals.

Office Hours

  • Monday: 2-3
  • Wednesday: 2-3
  • Friday: 2-3
  • or by appointment

Teaching Interests

I teach courses in introductory biology, ecology, evolution, and conservation.

Research Interests

My research interests include Animal Behavior, Evolutionary Ecology, Insect Behavioral Ecology.

Awards and Honors

  • Fulbright-Nehru Academic and Professional Excellence Award, Institute of International Education (2016).
  • Rober W. Kasling Lecturer Award, SUNY Fredonia (2013).
  • William T. Hagan Scholar/Artist Award, SUNY Fredonia (2006).

Intellectual Contributions

  • "Sexual cannibalism increases female egg production in the Chinese praying mantid (Tenodera sinensis).," Journal of Insect Behavior (2021).
  • "Decoupling of female phonotaxis and mating propensity in a tree cricket," Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (2021).
  • "Insects of Canadaway Creek," Canadaway Creek (2021).
  • "Oecanthus nigricornis (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) as the first known host of Stylogaster neglecta (Diptera: Conopidae)," Canadian Entomologist (2020).
  • "Population structure, movement patterns, and frequency of multiple matings in Tenodera sinensis (Mantodea: Mantidae)," Environmental Entomology (2018).
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Dr. William Brown

Professor (Chair)

132 Science Center
(716) 673-3620
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