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The Molecular Genetics program prepares students for a variety of career goals involving Cell and Molecular Biology. The Molecular Genetics program differs from the Biology program in that students focus their studies on the foundations of modern experimental biology including biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology. These principles are critical for understanding how organisms develop, respond to signaling, and interact with their environments.

The Fredonia Difference

Fredonia's Molecular Genetics students receive a strong interdisciplinary foundation in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, followed by specialized upper level courses in cell and molecular biology. The curriculum includes hands-on laboratory training on the most modern instrumentation and techniques available.

Career Opportunities for Molecular Genetics

  • Geneticist
  • Technical positions in:
  • Biotechnology
  • Healthcare industry
  • Forensic laboratories


What does a 4-year degree look like?

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What are all the required and elective courses offered to obtain this degree?

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Sample Courses

BIOL 380 Cell and Molecular Biology

A cell biologist must not only be able to examine structures within a cell, but must understand the underlying molecular processes that govern the formation and regulation of those structures, as well as the interaction of those structures with each other and the environment both inside and outside the cell.

BIOL 435 Developmental Biology

A study of animal development integrating descriptive, experimental, cellular, and molecular studies of gametogenesis, fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation, induction, and maturation. Labs examine development from an historical perspective.

BIOL 437 Molecular Genetics Laboratory

You will learn techniques that biologists use to study and manipulate the physiology, biochemistry, and genetics of a cell at a molecular level. This course is designed to help students build their molecular "toolkit" and teach them how to bring the concepts learned in lecture courses to bear on a research project.

Why Molecular Genetics at Fredonia?

students work in a lab in the Science Center


Molecular biologists must understand how to use complex lab equipment, such as cloning kits and DNA synthesizers. Fredonia gives you that opportunity.

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Setting you up to succeed

The ‘Studying for Success’ course helps students develop time management, organizational and study skills. Required lectures and labs are kept small to ensure students can work closely with their instructors.

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High quality education

Faculty come from world-renowned universities; they teach the same courses at Fredonia taught at those institutions.

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